Suri collaborated with Agustina Ros realizing an innovative collection of one of a kind pieces. It’s Not Just About Hair Suri collaborated with Agustina Ros realizing an innovative collection of one of a kind pieces. It’s Not Just About Hair mixes metal with blown glass, aiming at the perfect combination of these two materials, which naturally fit together giving life to delicate, fun, elegant and feminine shapes. The glass is blown directly onto the metal shapes by Agustina Ros, thus obtaining a balanced dialogue with the archaic nature of Giulia’s typical figures. The series consists of one of a kind pieces of different shapes and sizes that point to multi-functionality and alternating wearability between pendants, rings, earrings and pins.

New York, 2020                                                                                   Learn more

Ph credits Alice Brazzi
SURI collaborated with ONA Short Film Festival Venice, designing and creating prizes awarded to the winners of the various categories during the awards ceremony. SURI has designed and created an object that symbolizes these values ​​celebrating the silent and magical nature that surrounds us: the astral map of Sept 9th 2020 (the first of the three days of the Festival) visible in the sky from Venice, engraved by hand on black brass surface. ONA Short Film Festival is a nonprofit event that aims to share the love for nature, outdoor sports and environmental awareness as fundamental messages to spread to make an impact on today’s society.
Venice, 2020                                                                                          Learn more
SURI collaborated with Alberto Cornolò, emerging fashion designer (IUAV - Venice) creating two jewels for the collection shown during Milan Fashion Week 2020. SURI creates two jewels, one of a kind pieces, in hand-cutted and polished brass, a bright cascade of river pearls drops from the earring surface arising a game of shining movement on the body.
Milan, 2020                                                                                            Learn more
SURI collaborated with the artist Fabio Ranzolin (mention of the jury at the Premio Francesco Fabbri VII edition; 3th prize at the 100ma collettiva Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa) realizing a simple pendant, deliberately kitschy and shiny, for Bye bye Circo Massimo, an exhibition presented in Rome. An arm with a closed fist, holds something in its hand, perhaps a flame or a Greek toga. The sculpture contrasts with tiny and linear brass necklace. “Baci Stellari” words, the famous slogan of the Roman showgirl Valeria Marini have been engraved by hand on it. The work therefore brings rhetorical and highly dissonant references into conversation, yet all equally based on body and symbolic recognition. The installation also emphasizes references to a cheeky and provocative sensuality.
Rome, 2018                                                                                              Learn more