Jewelry by Giulia Vecchiato


Made in Venice


SURI's narration is based on the magic of small objects, of subtle treasures, of the preciousness of every imperfection. Each piece is elegant and raw, fragile and monumental, visual and literary, ancient and contemporary. I want my jewels to be like poetic encrustations that allude to a forgotten imaginary, like something that remains submerged in the bottom of the sea and unexpectedly returns to shore.



My ethical philosophy doesn’t foresee the idea of serial and continuous production of objects, it is fundamental to emphasize the individual dignity of each of my handmade creations, to make the customer understand the original and precious nature behind each piece. SURI every year realizes a small production of unique pieces.


My city is an important part of my work in terms of inspiration, the rythm is slow, the light is watery and static, memory is trapped in every crack. Tradition and transgression, melancholy and reiteration. SURI Jewelry wants to be a hymn to my city, to its moist perfume, its dramas, its strength and its contradictions. Each piece tries to reveal its strength, preciousness, organicity and fragility.

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