giulia vecchiato
Ph by Giorgia Baschirotto

SURI Jewelry was born in 2019, founded by Giulia Vecchiato, in Venice (ITALY). After her Master’s degree at the Fine Arts Academy in Venice, in 2016, she decided to enrol in a bench goldsmithing school in Vicenza to learn traditional techniques and start moving independently in the jewellery field. There Giulia figured out that contemporary jewelry was the dimension for her. Therefore she decided to buy what was needed to set up a small workshop at home, in Venice, which is still her studio today.

SURI was born from the aim of giving an identity to her work in contemporary jewellery, not far from sculpture world Giulia was immersed during previous years.

SURI collaborated with Marco Rambaldi, Agustina Ros besides other artist and designers, creating custom statement collections of unique pieces.

SURI Jewelry has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Pap Magazine, CAP74024, Virtus Magazine, iD Magazine, JANE Magazine etc..

Her work has been part of several national & international exhibitions, including NYC Jewelry Week, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, RVNHUS in Denmark, AA collected in Vienna, Vitraria in Venice etc..

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