RIPĀ is the shore, as a place of finds. But they are also the soft borders of a lake and, on the contrary, the steep and bumpy cliff of a glacier. A profound investigation through objects presented in a language of forms with a singular presence. A collection dedicated to the ring, composed of unique pieces, presented to the public for the first time.


Ph credits Francesco Pozzato.


Cannaregio is a collection of 41 brooches, goldplated handcutted brass. The collection was shown for the first time during the Venice Fashion Week in 2019. The collection wants to bring the idea of something that reminds us of ancient found objects, small things that I used to collect since my childhood in Venice. Small treasures that helps me to keep the memory of my family. Every pin is unique, everyone should keep it close by the heart, as a magic little object.

Ph credits Giorgia Chinellato.


Sub-Lime is a small series of silver rings inspired by the lagoon imagery. The metal treated as sculptures evokes the shapes of marine flora, from the plumpness of the anemones to its extreme extension in the sharp points of algae and corals.

Ph credits Eugenio Ambrosin

Acquis Fundata

Aquis Fundata was born as a mini-collection of rings, each piece is unique. Using only 925 Silver and in some cases raw stones, the collection investigates what remains of the city of Venice. Seaweed, Lagoon creatures, bat- tered masegni, historic decadent buildings, old forgotten ladies, scrape plaster.

Ph credits Estevan Bruno


Amantes is a pair of unique rings in 18k yellow gold. The rings were conceived and custom-made to celebrate the union of two lovers through gentle organic shapes. SURI has created the two jewels so that they find a balance by fitting one into the other, while maintaining their own independence and individual solidity.


Meri is an earrings’ small serie, made of silver or gold plated brass. They are thin hand-cutted sheets, refined and polished one by one. They are tiny, light and bright jewels.


Elda is a mazy ring in opaque white silver, custom-made for the woman whose name it takes. It is a double ring, which is worn on two fingers, with gentle shapes but with a structured volume, allowing a comfortable wear thanks to its lightness.



Ele is a custom made silver bangle. In conceiving this jewel I tried to make SURI’s typical organic elements coexisting with the weareability of a rigid bracelet.