Jewelry by Giulia Vecchiato

Suri x Gala

Amoralí is a collaboration with Gala Colabianchi Moreno, emerging fashion designer (IUAV - Venice). This project was born as a research on male’s body. Within this research, the masculine is understood as a dynamic gender identity and not only as a response to a role to play. Hence the need to explore the world of jewelry that becomes an active presence within the collection. In response to this tension, this collaboration develops through five pieces of jewellery where each piece is designed in its uniqueness. Both the contrast of the materials, brass and silver, and the amalgam of fluid and organic forms with pointy elements in each piece are Amoralí’s recurring details. In the capsule, in addition to three sort of earrings, two of which are modular, there are two pieces, Eros and Thanatosborn without a pre-determined function.
This will be defined and created based on the request of the future owner, who will be able to discuss with the designers to choose the wearability. 

Venice, 2021

Ph credits Alessandro Timpanaro

Suri & Ros

SURI & ROS is a contemporary jewelry collection result of a great collaboration between Giulia Vecchiato and Agustina Ros. The collection is a series of one of a kind handmade pieces in metal and glass. This project took life thank to the collaboration between the creators Giulia Vecchiato and Agustina Ros with involvement of Ilaria Ruggiero from Adornment, a contemporary jewelry curiatorial project. At the beginning It’s Not Just About Hair, was an online exhibition presented during New York City Jewelry Week 2020. A fresh vision of two artists who, starting from a solid belief that collaborating is fundamental today more than ever, are manifested in the creation of jewelry design pieces of a rare uniqueness. Unique works that turn towards design objects but maintain their identity well rooted in contemporary jewelry. And thus brooches, pendants, earrings and rings are born.

New York, 2020

Ph credits Marta Marinotti

SURI x ONA Short Film Festival

SURI collaborated with ONA Short Film Festival Venice, designing and creating prizes awarded to the winners of the various categories during the awards ceremony.
SURI has designed and created an object that symbolizes these values ​​celebrating the silent and magical nature that surrounds us: the astral map of Sept 9th 2020 (the first of the three days of the Festival) visible in the sky from Venice, engraved by hand on black brass surface.
ONA Short Film Festival is a nonprofit event that aims to share the love for nature, outdoor sports and environmental awareness as fundamental messages to spread to make an impact on today’s society.

Venice, 2020

Suri x Alberto Cornolò

SURI collaborated with Alberto Cornolò, emerging fashion designer (IUAV - Venice) creating two jewels for the collection shown during Milan Fashion Week 2020. SURI creates two jewels, one of a kind pieces, in hand-cutted and polished brass, a bright cascade of river pearls drops from the earring surface arising a game of shining movement on the body. 'Selvadego' is the man who follows his primitive animal instinct, listening to the most primordial sexual impulse: the need to feel pleasure. Cornolò's collection talks about this carnal drive and lives in the sex places of the homosexual community: in nature, as a place to feel free to be naked to return to the dawn, when Adam and Eve weren’t ashamed of their nakedness; in the artificial places of public baths and glory-holes, as a place to practice one's fetishes; in the bedroom, for the most romantic and intimate date.

Milan, 2020